Miguel Rivotti returns to the studios

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May 2017 marks the great return of Miguel Rivotti to recording studios.
“In an Artist’s career, this is always a long-awaited moment and I especially like it. It gives me great joy to work in the studio and to bring together all the musicians and technicians I like and appreciate professionally, “says the singer.
As an Acoustic Album, this one will have a sound and conceptual record distinct from the previous albums, directed in the field of World Music and counts on the signature of Ernesto Leite in the musical production, and of Miguel Lameiro in post-production, mixing and mastering .
The recordings of Portuguese Guitarra is signed by Daniel Gomes, Victor Castro in Classical Guitar, Leon TB in Flamenco Guitar, Sebastian Scheriff, percussion, Ernesto Leite, piano and strings, Glo Moreno in choirs.
A return long desired both by the Artist and his fans and followers, and it will surprise, of course, all those who listen carefully to the message that the new Album has to transmit.