Release of the EP “Fado Rivotti”

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After the release of the first EP “SEMPRE QUE O FADISTA CANTA”, and the excellent acceptance that this
had by the general public, blogs and social media, Miguel Rivotti now announces the launch
of his second EP, also extracted from the album ““(Con)Tradição”.
The second EP “FADO RIVOTTI” will be released and distributed on digital platforms on October 5th by FAROL Música, and will include 3 new tracks from the album “(Con) Tradição”.
“Fado Rivotti”, “Canto e danço este meu fado” and “Dia a dia”, are the perfect reflection of a happy marriage
between what we find in “Traditional Fado” and “Pop Fado”. With a modern and bold sound,
Portuguese traditional sounds are present and invite the audience to viciously sing the choruses and
to vibrate by so energetic that these subjects make themselves felt.
After the release of the first EP “Sempre que o fadista canta”, there are still countless reactions from the
public who applauds this return of Miguel Rivotti and congratulate him for this new bet with regard to
to the musical style and to the contribution that it brings to “modern fado”. It is a contemporary record,
dynamic and highly cited as a reference to the new national music. The Portuguese guitar continues in a well-deserved highlight, accompanied by the traditional sounds of our songbook, and at the same time
modern, in an acoustic work that appeals to both longing and restlessness.
The composition is signed by Ernesto Leite, Mário Rui Pereira continues as author of the letter of “Fado
Rivotti “and the musician Miguel Rivotti himself wrote the song” Canto e danço este meu fado “and” Dia a dia “.
Energetic and batucados are the three themes that make up this new EP “FADO RIVOTI”, promise to give that talk.
“FADO RIVOTTI” – a gaiato portrait of Fado, of unprecedented musicality, sung in Portuguese. Themes that
slow the rush of time and inspire moments of joy and relaxation, these have come to stay!