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(Con)Tradition is now a reality in CD, a deluxe edition available in all record stores, mainly in exposition at FNAC stores. Over the course of a year, Miguel Rivotti has been unraveling a little about the content of his new acoustic album, presenting a few singles.

Sempre que o Fadista Canta” [Every time the Fado singer sings], “Fado Rivotti” e “Olhai” [Behold] will be joined in an 11 themes album, so desired both by the artist, by the fans who have been following him through the years, and by some new followers who have already been conquered by the sound of this new album.

This is one more wish accomplished, one more goal achieved. It shows my great desire to keep close to the audience that has been accompanying me in my live concerts, as well as many others who have been surprised by the new sounds that I present in my new album, through my approach to a new Fado. (Con)Tradition is a collection of genuine, written and composed themes with LOVE and SOUL. In them are expressed the Portuguese feeling and sounds, sung in my own way, without vanity and without concern to reveal virtuosity”, says the Artist.

DIA A DIA” [Day by day], authored by Miguel Rivotti himself, now debuts his music video as a teaser for the release of the Album (Con)Tradition. An invitation to a trip through the lands of Viana and Ponte de Lima, where the smiles, the joy and the Portuguese soul are striking.

It was very gratifying to record this music video with people from the north. They were fantastic! Spontaneously, all the participants quickly understood the message I wanted to express through the images in this clip… The Portuguese Heart and the Love it contains, has no limits”. It is an invitation to other peoples and cultures to join our Fado, our culture so that life can be celebrated with the intensity it deserves. This is a positive album, a fate without scourge! (Refers to Miguel Rivotti who debuts on this album as a songwriter).

(Con)Tradition is therefore a collection of choice, with appealing and addictive melodies that are accompanied by poems that relate stories that will certainly make history in Portuguese music, here and beyond.

“I really want people to understand the whole message that is present on this record and to take these melodies as their company. I really want to see and hear the audience singing in my concerts, each one in their own way (smiles), at least half of the songs. I feel this is possible because the melodies are very beautiful, and I recognize that the authors I invited wrote simple but intense poems for this album. I recognize that the whole team that participated in the design of this album, did it with great compromise and pleasure, and I am so grateful to them, concludes Miguel Rivotti.

Here is the invitation to meet this new album, and watch very soon, near you, a live concert of MIGUEL RIVOTTI’S TOUR (CON) TRADITION!

(Coming soon, dates to be announced, SHOWCASE album presentation at FNAC Stores)